Spy Systems also employs a 24/7 emergency tech support staff that share the companies passion for providing the latest surveillance solutions to all of our clients at lower then competitive prices. Spy Systems tech support will always be available when you need it. This addition to our way of doing business has enabled us to quickly and efficiently resolve service requests immediately from our offices, when you have an emergency, and you need someone to be there the most, you can count on Spy Systems. As a dedicated team of professionals, Spy Systems looks forward to exceeding our client's expectations for quality products and services that are affordable. That is why we are, and why we continue to be, superior to anything that is on the market today. We look forward to providing you with the priority service you deserve. Each and every client is important to all of us at Spy Systems. This is just one of the many reasons we do not, and will not outsource our tech support.  We also require each member of our staff to report directly to our senior administration, daily. Each member of our staff is located here in the United States. Offering affordable prices without sacrificing services or the latest in technology has always been our goal, and continues to be the way we measure success, one client at a time.
Spy Systems has quickly established a reputation in the industry for reliability, trustworthiness, and quality surveillance solutions for a diverse customer base in the restaurant/fast food industry. We install and service a variety of audio & video security systems in all 50 States. Focusing on affordable high quality computer based surveillance systems we combined our passion for understanding our customers’ needs with the latest technology in the field . This is what differentiates us from other surveillance companies, and enables us to provide the knowledge and expertise that is so critical in our industry. We are constantly seeking the latest in video and audio security technology and know hands down that we have the most competitive prices in the industry.  Our prices are so good that we're able to offer a low price guarantee, so we will not be beat. Our customers are more then just our clients, they are our partners, and we provide them with unparalleled support in utilizing their systems to the greatest effect. From small family Restaurants to large manufacturing facilities, Spy Systems has a state of the art video & audio security systems for any and all business types.

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