Spy Systems has established a reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, quality security products and other technology solutions for a diverse customer base. We sell, install and service a variety of Security, Computer and IT Technology products in all of Massachusetts, New England and beyond. Focusing on affordable high quality products, combined with our passion for understanding our customer’s needs with the latest technology in the field Is what makes us tick. We are constantly seeking the latest in technology and know hands down that we have the most competitive prices in the industry.  Our customers are more then just our clients, they are our partners, and we provide them with unparalleled support in utilizing their systems to the greatest effect. From small family Restaurants to large manufacturing facilities, public property and public housing Spy Systems has the state of the art technology you need for any and all business types. 

From tenants to visitors we can help keep your parking lots safe and secure day and night.
     We Sell, Install and Service: 

  • Video Security Systems
  • Solar and wireless security
  • Access Control
  • Audio and Video communication
  • Data Wiring and Networking

How can you tell if a company has good products and service?

​That is easy, simply call the tech support line, see if they will be there when you need them. 

Test Spy Systems today:

​866-339-1698 ext# 2, we are happy to support you today.

Private and Public Parking Security

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Customer Service and Support

Private and Public Housing Apartment Complexes


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​We Service and support anyone that may need our services.

Residential Property


Spy Systems also supports our customers remotely and or onsite when they need us, simply call 866-339-1698 or email us at Link. Spy Systems tech support will be available when you need us, you can count on Spy Systems. As a dedicated team of professionals, Spy Systems looks forward to exceeding our client's expectations for quality products and services that are affordable. That is why we are, and why we continue to be, superior to anything or anyone that is on the market today. We look forward to providing you with the priority service you deserve. Each member of our staff is located here in the United States. Offering affordable prices without sacrificing services or the latest in technology has always been our goal, and continues to be the way we measure success, one client at a time.

From tenants to visitors and maybe some unwanted guess, you need to take control and protect your property.

     We Sell, Install and Service: 

  • Video Security Systems
  • Door Access
  • Audio and Video communication
  • Data Wiring and Networking

Protecting your family to automating your life. Spy Systems can help you with your electronic needs.

     We Sell Install and Service:

  • Video Security and Alarm Systems
  • Room to Room 2 way communication
  • Audio Sound Systems, and Automation
  • Data Wiring, Networking and Wifi